What is Cella Network ?

Cella is a non-profit initiative and social network that cares for professional women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and seels women's empowerment and support to each other through a mix of services, activities, professional programs and relationships.

How Cella Network Started?

The idea of Cella's establishment was born on May 2011 when a group of young Saudi professional women in a " Leading Women" workshop held in Saudi Arabia. During the meeting they realized the magnitude of benefits and professional pleasure the got from communicating and exchanging experience between each other. They also perceived the urgent need for creating a professional network and a database that can contain as much information as possible about the professional women in Saudi Arabia and connect them together. Consequently, the idea of "Cella Network " came to their minds, which promotes the idea of communication and professional interaction between professional women in the Kingdom. After several researches and study period that lasted for three months, the Cella Network was able to see the light for the first time in the middle of Ramadan, corresponding to the 16th. of August 2011. This is how the first women's network in Saudi Arabia was formed.

Why Cella Network?

As professional women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we found it urgent to create a professional community that would help opening new horizons and contribute to exchange of knowledge and experiences between the professional women. The professional communication has been approved to be a very effective relationship development medium that can support the individuals' professional lives in the society.
We believe that whatever the sizes of our offices and possession of certificates, the quality of relationships we make with those surrounding us is the factor that determines the extent of success in our professional lives. The Cella's main objective is to establish a communication and interaction platform that encompasses the professional women who intend to enter the labor market for achieving the following objectives:
  • Creating a link between professional women around the Kingdom in various fields.
  • Opening a door for exchanging experience and career opportunities.
  • Hosting successful women from various professional fields and communicate their success stories to be inspiring motives for Cella Network members and new generations.
  • Developing professional skills through organizing workshops and training courses on subject areas.
  • Creating awareness to develop the professional side of the Saudi woman.
  • Providing directions and professional guidance.
  • Creating new opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Sharing Various resources among network members.

What Cella Network Provides ?

Cella has many programs to provide and share with the professional women community in the Kingdom. These programs can be defined and described in the following categories:
  • Communication meetings.
  • Learning and development workshops.
  • Participation in local and international conferences.
  • Guidance programs.

Is Cella a separate entity or an affiliate of other area ?

With the support of H.R.H Princess Mudhi Bint Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud the network was adopted under the umbrella of Al Nahda Women Charitable Association on January 28, 2012, as one of the association's embraced projects.

Where does Cella Network Headquarters locate?

Our headquarters locate in the Center of Al Nahda Women Charitable Association, Sulaimaniyah district, Riyadh.

How can I benefit from Cella's programs ?

Through registering as a Cella member.

Is the registration obligatory for attending such programs?

Yes, you must first register, then your data will be saved in the network's database so that we can contact you and provide you with the most relevant news and upcoming events.

How can I become a Cella member ?

Just register online through our site, then you will receive invitation for meetings, programs, workshops and other network's events.

What is expected from me as a Cella member?

Participation and attendance as possible in the network's meetings and workshops to take advantage of the provided topics. We expect our honorable members to demonstrate their views and ideas through providing helpful tips, so we can improve our services in future, or suggest topics for upcoming events or names of speakers for inviting them in the future.

What will I benefit from attending the Cella's meetings and programs?

Communicating and exchanging experiences and opinions with professionals women will help you build a network of professional relationships with a high level professional women's society. Therefore, this will help you to expand your horizons, skills as well as your professional opportunities.

Is it provisional that a woman who applies for Cella's membership should be of a Saudi nationality?

No, Cella is a common network for all women in Saudi Arabia.

Will joining Cella be restricted to professional women only ?

No, membership is open to all working women, those wishing to work and even for female students, where professional guidance and direction programs will be provided.

Is it possible to support one of the events? How can I help?

Yes it is possible through communication with email to Cella network, in order to support any future event.

How can I call a colleague or one of my relatives to the database?

Through electronic registration via email, then the invitations of the intended programs will reach them in time.

How can I become an active member of Cella?

Please contact us through the following email: info@cellanetwork.org

How confidential will the personal information provided to you be ?

All information provided to Cella is subject to complete confidentiality.

What should I do to change my information contained in the database ?

You can do this by sending an e-mail and clarify the information you wish to change.

Where can I find Cella in the social media?

You can find Cella at any of the following social media:
  • Twitter: CellA Network
  • LinkedIn: CellA Network
  • Facebook : CellA+ Network

What if I don't wish to receive more emails from Cella in the future?

If you do not wish to receive Cella network's information and events, please send your request to the following address: info@cellanetwork.org
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