What is CellA?

Cella "The Saudi Professional Women's Network" is a non-profit initiative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that targets professional women's empowerment and support to each other through a mix of services, activities and professional programs that target the working women.



Studies have shown that the most effective way to build relationships is through the formation of professional communication networks, through which individuals can be supported and developed professionally to empower others in return.

Networking has proven to be a very effective way to develop relationships which can support the individual, and in return he can provide support to others.

As professional women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have envisioned the need for forming a communication network that brings us together to share our experiences and opportunities of professional development in all sectors.

Our offices, printed credentials, technological communication and experience exchange may not be sufficient, but forming personal relationships within a high profile of professional environment may allow us the opportunity to meet customers, suppliers and personnel in the same field, and most importantly is allowing us the opportunity to meet people whom we didn't know before and thus expand the prospects for success in our career.

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