We offer developmental workshops in areas such as:

  • Networking
  • Professional etiquettes
  • Negotiations
  • Working ethics.


“Double your Chances with Networking” Work shop details:


Building relations for professional purposes is a foreign concept in Arab communities, where relations are normally built on social bases (family or friends). “Double Your Chances With Networking” workshop has the following objects:

  • Describe what professional networking is?
  • Why networking is an important life skill
  • Correct some miss-conceptions like:
    • “Doing a good job is enough to get noticed” (it isn’t)
    • “I’m busy doing an important task, network later”
    • “I have a job, I don’t need to network”
    • “I’ll network when I graduate from collage”
  • What to do before, during and after networking
  • Elevator pitch Exercise
  • Card etiquette and some Do’s and Dont’s


The workshop is designed to be conducted in an informal setting, where the trainer and attendees can sit around a table, and the training will be run in a discussion like format. Possible venues are meeting rooms.


Educate attendees about professional network, and how to do it effectively.


Females in Saudi Arabia, wither working professionals, studentsor in between.

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